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GH60 revchn satan pcb with hhkb layout

How to build the firmware for gh60 REVCHN (aka ‘satan’) with the Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro 2 layout. My keyboard was manufactured with the kit of Vincent. Update 1: Add a third layer to maximize the keys transient state of

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Android DAC bit-perfect playback – (chroot for rooted android)

Last week, I bought a new pair of in-ear earphones Jays q-Jays to challenge my old Ultimate Ears 700 I own since six years. I already resolder two times a new jack cable. That’s the problem only when you repair…

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Huawei usb 3g modem reset – linux

A small memo to manage usb reset for Huawei usb 3g modem: Get a persistant udev device: Edit: /etc/udev/rules.d/99-usb-modem.rules SUBSYSTEM==”tty”, ATTRS{idVendor}==”12d1″, ATTRS{idProduct}==”1003″, SYMLINK+=”usbmodem” Reset the usb bus (quite rude but it is the only way i found to refresh the

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Update any crucial ssd firmware from linux/grub

Crucial is selling many good ssds, and frequently releases new firmware. When you have to manage many version of these ssds, it is really time consuming to keep them up-to-date. ‘’ is a little script to generate a single grub

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UD-503 mpd alsa config bit perfect

First of all, kill pulseaudio, burn it, it is useless for pure audio playback. Everything else, like kodi, with a hdmi audio output for example, will still work. In debian: # apt-get remove –purge pulseaudio # apt-get install mpd alsa-utils

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DVD reader/writer firmware flashing from linux (64)

I needed to complete my audio stack with a dvd/blu-ray reader/writer. The hardware: – 6 years old LG GGW-H20L – Sun 411 cd/tape enclosure 😉 no screw, a really well designed and old enclosure for 5.25″ – Ugreen adaptor USB

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Teac UD-503 / UD-501 – snd-usb-audio patch

=== update Jan 26 === Patch accepted in upstream sound, should be in next 4.5-rc2 and next stable vanilla kernel starting from 4.5. ===/=== I bought a fresh Teac UD-503 yesterday and it was driving me crazy last evening, always

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mpd / mpc: fade in / out script

mpc-fade For the ones like me who want to wake up with music and go to sleep with music, here is a little script to make the magic around mpd. It will work on any linux with mpd and mpc

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MPD – from Micromega MyDac to Teac UD-501 DSD

/* EDIT Jan 03, 2016 */ Moved to UD-503 /* /EDIT */ Some weeks ago, i tuned my office setup with a micromega MyZic (headphone amp) for my AKG K701. I looked for a new dac… and decided not to

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Mele: Ubuntu 12.10 armhf img – kernel upd – xbmc

Fully running version of ubuntu 12.10 armhf, kernel 3.0.42++ (latest mali from sunxi), sata and XBMC. PmM included to process nand install. To proceed: Download the file: ubuntu_12.10_armhf_v2_mele_xbmc.img.gz (MD5: 04eded50e8fee6e760863e8381acf20b) Unzip the file. Linux: gunzip ubuntu_12.10_armhf_v2_mele_xbmc.img.gz DD it to your

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