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MPD – from Micromega MyDac to Teac UD-501 DSD

/* EDIT Jan 03, 2016 */ Moved to UD-503 /* /EDIT */ Some weeks ago, i tuned my office setup with a micromega MyZic (headphone amp) for my AKG K701. I looked for a new dac… and decided not to

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Mele: Ubuntu 12.10 armhf img – kernel upd – xbmc

Fully running version of ubuntu 12.10 armhf, kernel 3.0.42++ (latest mali from sunxi), sata and XBMC. PmM included to process nand install. To proceed: Download the file: ubuntu_12.10_armhf_v2_mele_xbmc.img.gz (MD5: 04eded50e8fee6e760863e8381acf20b) Unzip the file. Linux: gunzip ubuntu_12.10_armhf_v2_mele_xbmc.img.gz DD it to your

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3.0.42+ tuned sources

After a bit of thinking, i push back the sources i used to prepare the kernel available here. This is not a dissident action against the sunxi community. I have no time left to work more on debugging kernel stuff

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Mele + DAC + MPD => the perfect bit-perfect setup

Mele is just a great little platform for so many usage. Since 2 weeks, i’m using one of mine as a bit perfect audio player: ultra low power consumption – always ready to play usb2 or spdif sata if you

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Mele armhf 3.0.57+ / 3.0.42+ – kernel update

After many requests (sorry for the delay), you will find here new kernel updates for both images (debian headless and ubuntu w/GFX). UPDATE 5 – Apr 4 2013 GFX update – Updated mali driver + some modules like UVC. 1G:

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Mele headless: Debian wheezy (aka testing) armhf with nand install (v1)

I’m posting here a running (base) version of debian wheezy armhf (V1), kernel 3.0.42+. HEADLESS – Full network stack (netfilter, vlan, …) – NFS server – eth0 – wlan0 Easy to install on the NAND and ready to be tuned.

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Pimp my Mele

PmM is the name of a configuration for Mele. Made in perl/dialog. It is currently a part of the lastest ubuntu/debian image made available here: mele-ubuntu-12-10-armhf-base-with-nand-install-v1 mele-debian-wheezy-armhf-base-with-nand-install-v1 You can download it separately: pimpmymele-0.1.tgz ddfd0be76ab4d29f11c581d7b4edc91f pimpmymele-0.1.tgz The goal is quite simple:

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After the epic Guiness deletion of a10linux github (documented on rhombus forum), here is a backup of the multi-uboot (not SPL) working on a10 platform (at least mele a2000): uboot-multi-allwinner.tgz

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