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UD-503 mpd alsa config bit perfect

First of all, kill pulseaudio, burn it, it is useless for pure audio playback. Everything else, like kodi, with a hdmi audio output for example, will still work. In debian: # apt-get remove –purge pulseaudio # apt-get install mpd alsa-utils

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mpd / mpc: fade in / out script

mpc-fade For the ones like me who want to wake up with music and go to sleep with music, here is a little script to make the magic around mpd. It will work on any linux with mpd and mpc

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Mele + DAC + MPD => the perfect bit-perfect setup

Mele is just a great little platform for so many usage. Since 2 weeks, i’m using one of mine as a bit perfect audio player: ultra low power consumption – always ready to play usb2 or spdif sata if you

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