Mele armhf 3.0.57+ / 3.0.42+ – kernel update

After many requests (sorry for the delay), you will find here new kernel updates for both images (debian headless and ubuntu w/GFX). UPDATE 5 – Apr 4 2013 GFX update – Updated mali driver + some modules like UVC. 1G: linux-armhf-gfx-1G-3.0.42-6.tar.bz2 (MD5: 8004415caaf82fd989b8f04cea441deb) linux-armhf-gfx-1G-3.0.42-6.tar.gz (MD5: 5efbd84a3ebece09b13c353a76ebcf88) Normal (512M): linux-armhf-gfx-3.0.42-6.tar.bz2 (MD5: 53c39f9e67061f78975755ef893b83fe) linux-armhf-gfx-3.0.42-6.tar.gz (MD5: 5abd088b05f19d5c5e25dd8a1ca718a5) /UPDATE

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