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  • Hello. I am sorry about the deletion and lack of interest in Mele A2000, but to be honest, i think the arrogance of gnexus was the problem.
    He complains about lack of community and interest?

    Ok I am interested but I am also clueless.

    I have a Windows 7 PC, card reader, SD card and Mele A2000 1.7 version. Now what? I have no experience in coding. I know very little stuff about Linux, Android and ARM. Now what?

    I mean…all there was, like. Ok Here are the images and stuff you need…figure it out…

    Bear in mind that 90% of Mele users that wanted to try linux are like me.

    So you ask…why would I want Linux? Well because I wanted to use mele as a media center and a torrent box at the same time (low traffic since I know hardware isn’t the best for such a job).

  • Hi. Will have to agree with the quoted comment above. I have no code experience and so “a fools guide to hacking Mele A2000” would b preferable than expecting us to figure it out. On my Android phone l followed instructions to do simple things like rooting it,installing custom roms and installing Linux on it. But the information for the Mele seemed to be here,there and all over the place and made it seem a hard task. Who is to blame??? Allwinner??Hardware(Mele) sellers?? Community?? I don’t know. But why remove useful information frm the net, better leave it and not maintain the site.
    Anyway on a side note, was impressed with your cluster project. Hope u won’t close shop as well.

  • I have gentoo working nicely on the Mele A2000G. I use the kernel used with Fedora 18. It doesn’t use the GPU, I am looking for a better kernel. Is yours what I am looking for?

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