BEC for HV servos – Mini 560 quick mod

Looking for an efficient and powerful HV bec for your servos and receiver(s)?

The Mini 560 DC-DC Step-down, which costs less than 1$, is able to output continuous 4A with 98% of efficiency from a 3S lipo (manages 2s to 4s).

The Mini 560 is available in 5V or 9V. A quick modification of a resistor allows to change the output current. You can either order a 5V or 9V… but the 5V modification is more tricky: SMD soldering.

With the 9V version, to output a solid 8.1V, just add a 100K resistor in parallel with the 14.3K SMD.
You can use the 2 smd resistors side (circle in red) to solder. It is linked.

9V to 8.1V modification of the Mini 560.
9v to 8.2v modification with 100k SMD resistor over the previous one in parallel

More? redundancy and stability

Make it redundant with a second modified Mini 560 to 8.1/8.2V and add schottky 5A diode on each Mini560 [+] output. The schottky generates also a voltage drop of ~ 0.2V/0.3V. You have now a redundant BEC for 4$.

Make it more stable by adding a 470uF 16V capacitor on the output (after schottky’s output merge).

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