E-Schwing Corsa build log (in progress)

This build is using the e-schwing fuselage to simply make an electric version of the Schwing glider (a Schwing Corsa here), not a hotliner as this fuselage was primary designed for.


  • 4 x BlueBird BMS-125WV – wings
  • 1 x KST X08N MG V5.0 HV – elevator
  • 1 x PTK 9497 MG-D – rudder
  • SunnySky X2220-III 1400kv or 980kv
  • FrSky G-RX8 & R9 MM (for redundancy)
  • ESC 40A (w/ UBEC 5V)
  • UBEC 7.2V and schottky diodes for redundancy


  • Carbon plate 0.5mm (securing servos)
  • Fiberglass plate 3mm (servo tray)
  • Fiberglass plate 4mm (motor mount)
  • Fiberglass cloth (canopy)
  • Carbon cloth 200gsm (fuselage reinforcement)
  • Epoxy …and microballon


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